Olababy Rechargeable Electric Nail Trimmer


The thought of trimming your little one's nails can sometimes be a daunting task. OlaBaby has created a gentle electric file that will allow you to file their nails with no sharp edges. 

  • Built in LED light for better visibility and safety
  • 3 different modes
  • No sharp edges, auto stop prevents over filing
  • Easy grip (egg shape)
  • Snap on cover holds extra polishing pads and allows for easy travel
  • Baby proof cover - shell cover is popped open using your fingertip preventing children from operating the trimmer without adult supervision
  • Smart single button design, the nail trimmer can only be powered on/off with a 3 second press & hold action
  • Rechargeable, USB Type C Charger Cable included 
  • Includes 1x carry bag & 4 filing pads
  • Quiet operation, allowing you to trim baby's nails without waking them from sleep
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