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Nutritionist top tips for supporting immune system

Nutritionist top tips for supporting immune system

As the seasons change and we stay more indoors, it's time to chat about keeping the family healthy. The bugs and lurgies (aka colds, flus and viruses) give our immune system a bit of a workout and whilst we can't always avoid catching them, what we can do is support immune function to help our body recover faster from them.

Nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the immune system. I asked Jacq Alwill, Accredited Nutritionist, mum of 3 and founder of Brown Paper Nutrition what we should be loading up on during these Winter months.

Here is what she said:

Just like kids with a craft box, our immune system loves a variety of colourful whole foods, in particular fruits and vegetables, that are rich in antioxidant and anti inflammatory nutrients plus fibre to support optimal immune function. But we know most kids don't necessarily want to hear about 'eating more veggies', so we have to be creative for kids and the family overall.

  • Try grating or finely dicing more vegetables e.g.broccoli stalks, capsicum, sweet potato, swede, into dishes that are traditionally more animal protein based such as pies, lasagnes, bolognaise and Mexican.
  • Consider how you can supercharge a smoothie with the addition of veggies like cooked beetroot (just a thumb size piece is enough!) which makes it vibrant and antioxidant and fibre rich.
  • Don't be afraid of popping some carrot, zucchini or parsnip into your lunchbox muffins for school or day care.
  • And, because we know despite it being freezing outside kids will STILL ask for ice cream, be sure to make them with whole fruits, rather than buying them from the shops, for their daily treat. There are so many fun and easy ways to eat more fruits and vegetables and give your immune system the support it needs, that kids (and adults) will love." 

 To freeze healthy homemade food for meal throughout the week and to bake healthy treat, we love the Poddies.

For homemade treats, Frosties and Sunnies are my (and Jacq's) go-to.

Subo is super handy for homemade smoothies on-the-go, and for silicone drinking cup Olababy cup and Liewood cups are crowd's faves.

Special offer:

Jacq has recently published an eBook for of healthy homemade treats recipes called Something Sweet. It has more than 50 delicious recipes, ranging from slices, biscuits, cakes, muffins and even frozen treats. Use code URBANBABY for 25% off Something Sweet until end of July.