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Olababy bottle with unique features help reduce bottle rejection

Olababy bottle with unique features help reduce bottle rejection

It is very common for breastfed babies to refuse being fed from a bottle. My daughter was one of them. Whilst I loved that she was happy to be breastfed exclusively, I was always nervous to leave her with someone else particularly when she hasn't started any solid, and breastmilk was her only source of nourishment.

Enter Olababy Gentle Bottle. Olababy bottle has unique features that reduce bottle rejection by babies. If your baby is refusing bottle, give Olababy a try.

Wide, off-centre teat

Olababy's wide teat is designed to be off-centre, replicating the shape of mother's breasts. This gives breastfed babies familiarity of breast shape and associate with feeding.

Soft to touch 

Olababy bottle is made from silicone, therefore soft-to-touch with skin-like feel that babies love

Let them know it's feeding time

Gently squeeze Olababy bottle to let milk out and let babies know that it is feeding time, just like during let-down phase.

Different flow teats

Olababy 120ml bottles come with slow flow teats for younger babies and the larger 180ml bottles come with medium flow teats. Fast Flow, X Cut (variable flow)  teats are also available to accommodate baby's needs according to their age.

Olababy bottles are available in single, double & triple pack & in two sizes.